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Miscarriage Support with "Miles that Matter 2023"

X&Y Fertility Leicester is supporting the Miscarriage Association by taking part in the "Miles that Matter 2023" campaign.

Dr Bryan Woodward will run 40 miles over the month of June to raise money to support those who have experienced a miscarriage

We know how distressing and frightening miscarriage can be. Most of us know people who have been or may be affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.

The loss of a baby in pregnancy can be an unhappy, frightening and lonely experience. Feelings of shock, grief and loss are common. The Miscarriage Association is there to provide support.

By helping support this charity, we can help support people at this crucial time.

Here's the link to our JustGiving page if you'd like to help the Miles that Matter 2023 campaign.

How X&Y Fertility has helped so far

In 2021, we took part in the Leicester half marathon and raised £205.29 for the charity. Throughout the year, we continue to raise funds for the Miscarriage Association via the collection box at our clinic reception.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Testing

Miscarriage may be linked to DNA fragmentation in the sperm. Studies are showing that DNA integrity is a factor that affects the health of the embryo. DNA integrity can change with male age (>35 years) and lifestyle (e.g. poor diet, smoking).

We provide DNA fragmentation tests for £400 via self-referral. Men need 2-3 days of sexual abstinence prior to the test.

Facts about miscarriage

Did you know:

- 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage

- 1 in 80 pregnancies is an ectopic pregnancy

- 1 in 600 pregnancies is a molar pregnancy

- 15 babies a day stillborn or passing away in the UK within a few weeks of birth

It can be difficult for people to know where to turn too for support after a miscarriage. Therefore, we hope this blog has highlight the Miscarriage Association resource to let you know that there are others who understand how its feels.

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