Post Vasectomy Check

We report if sperm continue to be present after your vasectomy & if they are swimming.

Tests performed after at least 12 weeks & 20 ejaculations post-op.

What we do:

We check your entire sample to see if you are still producing potentially fertile sperm after a vasectomy.

Your results: 

We provide same day results to confirm if your vasectomy has been successful.

Sperm Cryobanking

Secure banking for your sperm.

Safely maintained frozen in liquid nitrogen for your future use.

  • To keep as a back-up for the future if you have to go overseas.

  • To preserve fertility before emergency treatment that could adversely affect sperm production e.g. chemotherapy.

  • As insurance before a vasectomy or gender reassignment therapy.

  • To reassure you that your sperm will be available on on the day of your partner's treatment 

  • For British Armed Forces, as an insurance policy to ensure your sperm is safely maintained in a UK licensed bank


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Semen Analysis



We report how many sperm are present & how healthy they are.

What we do: 

We look at how many sperm are in an ejaculate (count), how they swim (motility), their shape (morphology) & if there are any anti-sperm antibodies.

Your results:

We provide results on the same day as the test, explaining what they mean, & answering any questions so you have a clear understanding of your fertility potential.

Filling Out a Medical Form

Clinical Advice and Results Explained

We help you to understand your medical history & coordinate tests & treatments that are appropriate for you (rather than paying for tests you may not need!).

We ensure that your fertility treatment will give you the best possible outcome.

We support you throughout your fertility journey.



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Hormone & Screening Tests

Hormone tests can be used to determine the ovarian reserve, ovulation &  fertility.

We offer all blood tests.

Popular tests include:


- Oestrogen


- Thyroid Function Tests

- HIV, Hepatitis B & C

Insemination (IUI / ICI)
Donor Insemination (DI)

Our insemination treatments are carried out by female nurses in a private treatment room.


A high concentration of washed fast swimming sperm is carefully introduced into the womb just before ovulation. This improves the chances of a single sperm meeting the egg.


DI treatment provides highly fertile donor sperm for insemination. We only use highly fertile sperm donors and all our sperm donors are fully screened to ensure your safety.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

When you are pregnant, you may wish to check the health of your baby without invasive procedures

NIPT offers a simple blood check for Downs, Edwards or Patau syndrome.

NIPT is a safe, easy & reliable test performed at just 10 weeks pregnancy avoiding the risks of amniocentesis


We have our own on-site donor sperm bank.

If you are interested in becoming a sperm donor please visit: SpermDoctor