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Frequently Asked Questions - We're here to help

Are you offering sperm tests & consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, we are supporting people who are having trouble accessing tests. We have a strict safety strategy in place to ensure you are safe throughout any visit to our clinic. This includes free parking directly outside. We provide sperm tests for fertility and post-vasectomy, with same day results. Our consultations are offered online or on-site, in accordance with our safety policy, to ensure you will be the only visitors in the clinic at that time.


For a detailed information sheet on COVID-19 vaccinations and fertility click here.

I have sperm test results from another clinic, can I discuss what they mean?

Sperm test results can be baffling. Dr Woodward will explain what each section means & together look at the most cost-effective treatments available to help you conceive. We can also explore whether there is anything that can be done to improve your sperm health. If you would like a fresh on-site sperm test, we can arrange this.

Can I book a sperm test with you?

Yes, you can have an independent test with us via our specialised andrology lab. We offer standard semen analyses, as well as oxidative stress tests (Mioxsys®) and sperm DNA fragmentation tests. We will go through the results with you in detail. You are given a copy of the reports and we can pass them on to a clinic of your choice.

My partner and I are considering going overseas for treatment, can X&Y Fertility help us?

We are linked with several clinics throughout the world, enabling us to offer you a number of options depending on your specific needs and requirements. We will liaise with the clinic on your behalf. If clinics need blood tests and semen analysis reports, we can provide them promptly to prevent any delays.

Can I come to see you on my own or do I have to bring my partner along?

We respect the fact you may want to discuss your results on a one-to-one basis with a consultant. Our service is discrete and completely confidential. If however, you wish to bring your partner along, this is not a problem.

How can I improve my sperm?

Sperm quality can vary between tests. We explore your lifestyle, diet & many other factors that are linked to sperm production. We can also discuss specific vitamins and minerals that might to improve sperm quality.

Do you treat single females or same-sex couples?

Yes, we welcome everyone, including single men, women & the LGBTQ+ community. We have a fully accredited sperm donor bank on-site. 

Do you treat single males or same-sex male couples with surrogacy?

We offer sperm testing & storage for men whether they are single, partnered or simply want to store sperm for a later date. We work with surrogacy organisations to facilitate your needs.

Do I need a referral from my GP to arrange a consultation?

A referral is not needed, all our services are confidential. If you have any fertility results or medical notes you can bring them along to the consultation as these may be useful.

Will Brexit affect the services you offer?

You can rest assured that we have enough stock and staff to ensure you will continue to receive the best service when we leave the EU. We frequently liaise with our regulator to ensure we are up-to-date as we transition. Please see: HFEA Brexit

Do you offer advanced sperm tests,

e.g. for oxidative stress & DNA fragmentation?

We specialise in male fertility. Our dedicated andrology lab has Mioxsys® technology and we  provide same day results. For sperm DNA fragmentation tests, the HFEA states that "the evidence is conflicting and depends on the type of test used by the clinic". We therefore use the Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay for its reliability. Please see: HFEA Add-ons

Can I donate my sperm to help others achieve a family?

We have a fully licensed donor sperm bank on-site. To see if you might be eligible to donate your sperm, please visit: SpermDoctor

My partner is paraplegic, do you have disabled access?

We provide ramped wheelchair access. Consultations, treatment rooms and toilets are all located on the ground floor.

Are complementary therapies worth it?

Complementary therapies can help reduce stress and therefore may support people looking to conceive, as well as benefiting general well-being. The HFEA classes complementary therapy as a "treatment add-on". Please see: HFEA Complementary Therapies