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We support you at every step. We work closely with fertility counsellors and psychosexual therapists.


Online sessions may be useful to discuss the implications of conceiving via sperm donation.


Our counsellors are BACP members with years of experience in assisting fertility.

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Weight Management

Women with a BMI under 30 have more chance of successful fertility treatment. This is why many clinics only offer fertility treatments in women with a BMI upper level of 30.  It can be very upsetting to be told that you have to lose weight to have the treatment you need. We know that some women with a BMI above 30 don’t have any problems becoming pregnant but they do have an increased risk of health problems during and after their pregnancy.

X&Y Fertility's private "Fit for Fertility" Facebook group aims to support women who are unable to access treatment due to high BMIs.

Join now, and with expert nutrition advice, eating goals and inspiration for a healthy lifestyle we hope to help motivate you to get Fit for Fertility.

Leicestershire County Council -

Weight Management in Pregnancy


Leicestershire County Council have recently launched a new programme supporting pre-pregnant women with a BMI 30+ in the county area who are trying to conceive to improve their chances of conception.

This free 12 week programme, delivered by a Dietitian/ Nutritionist, will support clients to maintain a healthy weight by making sensible and sustainable changes to their eating habits and activity levels .


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