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Our Impact

X&Y Fertility is a "Business for Good" in partnership with B1G1.

We support worthy causes aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.​

The UN Sustainability Development Goals

The 17 SDGs are a call for action to individuals, businesses and governments all around the world to combat the biggest global issues such as poverty, climate change and inequality. These goals aim to create a better and more sustainable future by 2030 for all of us. Since we help with conception, we have a duty to ensure the best possible world for our children to inherit.

At X&Y fertility, we are proactively working towards these goals. ​

What are the Goals about?

For every licensed activity we perform, we contribute to an SDG. Whilst some of the goals are more relevant to fertility, all of the SDGs are equally important. Some of the actions taken might seem rather small, but just like an embryo, tiny changes can bring about remarkable results.


At X&Y Fertility, we focus on the following goals:

Goal  3

  • Fertility treatment and testing diagnostics is offered to everyone.

  • We help people with blood-borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C to conceive healthy children.

  • Equitable healthcare provision is ensured for all of our clients. 

  • Safeguarding our patients, particularly the vulnerable groups, is of upmost importance.

  • We always screen for Rubella, prior to offering any fertility treatment, to avoid complications during pregnancy. 

Goal 4 

  • We produce a monthly Fertility Friday podcast that aims to educate listeners about various topics on wellbeing, fertility, lifestyle and also about the SDGs.

  • Blogs are posted on our platforms to educate people about various fertility topics. 

  • Our patients are always well informed and educated about treatments options so that they can make well-informed decisions. 

  • We also show our patients how we support impact driven projects across the globe for our various activities, all thanks to our B1G1 partnership.

Goal 5 

  • Services to the LGBTQ+ community are provided at our clinic. Everyone has the same right to parenthood. 

  • We believe everyone deserves the same fair treatment, no matter what gender you are.

  • Sperm storage for trans women and diagnostics for same-sex male couples with routes to surrogacy are offered. 

  • All staff at X&Y Fertility are respected and treated equally.

Goal 7 

  • At X&Y, we are big on recycling. We've explored how to best separate and dispose of our non-clinical waste in the most sustainable way possible. 

  • Our team includes members of the Leicestershire County Council Environmental Action Volunteer group. 

  • Following our recent energy audit with the University of Leicester, we have made proactive changes and are investigating the possibility of solar panels. 

Goal 12

  • We select our suppliers based on whether they can demonstrate responsible production and consumption policies.

  • We have adopted LEAN SIX SIGMA across the clinic to reduce waste and improve efficiency in all of our processes. 

Goal 13

  • Our staff are encouraged to cycle and/or walk to work when possible. 

  • The public areas of our clinic have plants of all sizes. This improves both the look and quality of our environment. 

  • Many staff members practise composting and dedicate time to volunteering with allotments to help grow vegetables for the local community. 

Goal 16

Impacting Reproductive Health

We’re passionate about creating real, meaningful, and worldwide impact. So when we help you, we'll make a difference collectively. For example, every time were provide a fertility treatment, we'll help to fund access to a reproductive health awareness session in rural India.

India female.jpeg

Giving for each sperm donation

Our donors choose projects they want to support. When we create a family with the kind help from a donor, we give to their chosen project, e.g. providing safe access to drinking water in Tanzania. 


water fertility leciester sperm.png
fertility family in south america.jpeg
fertility family in south america.jpeg

Together We’ll Have an X&Y Impact

As a supporter of X&Y Fertility, you become part of a global giving movement on a mission to create a world full of giving.

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