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Why Mothers Day and Fathers Day need special consideration when it comes to fertility

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

For people who are struggling with fertility, whether in Leicester or anywhere, Mothers Day and Fathers Day can be a challenging day of the year. This isn’t just for heterosexual couples who haven’t yet conceived, but also for people who want to be solo parents or same-sex parents from LGBTQ+ community.

On these annual days, social media and shop windows (physical and online) celebrating mums and dads and their fertility. At X&Y Fertility we celebrate our mums and dads too – especially those that we’ve helped on their journey to parenthood either via fertility treatment or simply through fertility advice.

However, we also aware that there are many people struggling with fertility who are not yet mums. This includes people who:

  • are waiting to access funded fertility treatment which has been inevitably delayed due to the pandemic

  • are trying to get to right BMI to be accepted onto fertility programmes

  • have had unsuccessful fertility treatment

  • have miscarried and are grieving the loss of a baby supported by fertility counsellors

  • have genetic conditions that impa t on their fertility making it physically impossible to carry a child

So whilst mums and dads and fertility are celebrated on these annual days, spare a thought for those who are not yet mums and dads. Offer support to one another where you can, as you are not alone.

If any of you have ways that help you deal with Mothers Day and Fathers Day, please feel free to share them with this post or by contacting us confidentially at X&Y Fertility.

Meanwhile, here are some fertility links that might be useful:

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