Vaccinations and fertility

August 9th 2021

Following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions last month, we have carefully considered our safety actions at X&Y Fertility. Alongside risk assessments and fertility safety measures that we have already introduced, we continue to ensure that our fertility clinic in Leicester continues to be as safe as possible for everyone: our staff, our fertility clients, people having semen analyses and blood tests, patients having insemination (IUI) and donor insemination (DI) treatment, and our altruistic sperm donors.

Here is a summary of our actions:

  • Vaccines – we strongly encourage our patients seeking fertility treatment in Leicester to be fully immunised against Covid. Immunisation does not affect your fertility, your chances of conception or your sperm quality. With Leicester’s diverse cultural community, some clients and sperm donors are choosing not to be vaccinated. We therefore produced a video on our team's recent visit to Africa. This is in English and the local language of Twi. And the message is clear – please get the Covid vaccine!

  • Social distancing and face coverings - In line with government guidelines, social distancing measures are no longer mandatory. However, we prefer that you wear face coverings on visits to our fertility clinic in Leicester. As a small discrete fertility clinic, we will ensure that you are the only clients on site at one time to enhance your safety. You will continue to receive full privacy and respect at each visit. On your way to and from the fertility clinic, please remember to be respectful of others’ choices and do give people space where it is sensible or requested.

  • Covid-19 personal safety measures – Please continue to observe rigorous hygiene practices, particularly regular handwashing. We will continue to fully sterilise the clinic rooms in between clients.

We ask that you continue to be respectful and considerate of others, understanding that some people will feel more comfortable with the lifting of restrictions, yet health vulnerabilities remain.

It is vital to understand that the lifting of national restrictions does not mean that the risks from Covid-19 have disappeared. For fertility safety, please manage risks sensibly to yourselves and to others.

Below is the official advice from the British Fertility Society which we hope is helpful to our fertility clients.

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