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"S" is for Sample: Producing a semen sample at X&Y Fertility Leicester for a sperm analysis

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

This is Blog #1 in our S.P.E.R.M Blog series for National Fertility Awareness Week 2023

The key male investigation is a semen analysis. You will be asked to produce a sample by masturbation directly into a special sterile container. Many men report may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about producing a semen sample. Often the request to produce a sample “on demand,” in a fertility clinic, and having to hand that sample over to clinic staff, can feel a little daunting. At X&Y Fertility, we ensure your privacy and dignity throughout; furthermore, we arrange appointment times to guarantee that you are the only client on-site at that time.

This blog aims to answering some frequently asked questions about sample production.

Question#1 - Why can't I have sex with a condom to collect the sperm for testing?

Condoms contain spermicide, a chemical that prevents pregnancy by killing sperm so they can't fertilise an egg. So, a sample produced in this way will not provide an accurate analysis of your sperm. You will be asked to ejaculate directly into a sterile container provided by the clinic.

Question#2 - Why do I need to produce the sample at the clinic rather than in the privacy of my own home?

Timing is crucial when assessing sperm, so the sample should be analysed as soon as possible after being produced. Sperm doesn’t have a long life outside of the body or in environments where temperatures fluctuate. Delays in delivering semen to the clinic, and exposure to various temperatures during that time could result in a lower overall motile sperm count.

"Time takes it all, whether you want it to or not." – Stephen King, The Green Mile

Question#3 - Why must I refrain from sex for at least two days before I produce a sample?

Samples produced after 2 days of abstinence often have the highest numbers of motile sperm with the greatest forward movement when compared to samples produced after longer periods of abstinence. .

Question#4 - What if I can’t produce a sample on the day?

Our clinics has a purpose-built facility to ensure your complete privacy. However, if you are worried about your ability to produce a sample on demand, please discuss this openly with a member of the team ahead of your appointment.

Question#5 - What if I don’t manage to collect all the sample?

The first part of the ejaculate is the most sperm-rich, so any spills may affect the result. If you don’t manage to collect all the sample in the pot, just let a member of the team know, so that this can be taken into account when reporting your test results..

Do you have any questions about sample collection?

We hope this blog has helped you with some facts about this process. For further information or to book a semen test please contact us on:


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