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Routes to parenthood

for solo females

If you wish to become a solo parent, or you may already have a child and want to grow your family, then insemination with donor sperm (IUI/DI) could be an option for you. At X&Y we offer IUI/DI in your menstrual cycle to achieve pregnancy in the most natural way possible. We do not use fertility drugs. Our donated sperm comes from meticulously selected donors. Furthermore, all sperm is fully screened to ensure the safety for you and your future child(ren). We will offer you a bespoke treatment plans ensuring we optimise your chance of pregnancy and respecting your choice. 

Trans and Non biary

Fully screened sperm

Support and guidance is provided to help select the right sperm donor. You can choose one of our in-house donors or sperm from a partner bank. We will arrange all transportation logistics for any imported sperm. 

All donor sperm used for treatment at our clinic is fully screened and registered with our regulator, the HFEA.

Reserving half-siblings for future treatment

When your pregnancy is successfully underway, it may be possible to reserve additional samples from the same sperm donor, at our cryobank for future treatment. This can enable the chance for future siblings to be genetically related to the same donor. 

What is the process for donor insemination (IUI/DI) in your natural cycle?


Firstly, you will need to book an initial consultation where we review your situation to check if natural cycle IUI/DI is the optimal treatment for you.

Health Screening

Once the pathway to pregnancy is agreed, a screening process is needed to help select which donor is most compatible for you.


Donor Selection

Our team will support you to match your preferred donor characteristics. You can be assured that all donors have met our strict criteria for health and fertility. Furthermore they have been fully screened for family history of genetically inherited conditions.


Starting Treatment

Once the treatment plan has been agreed, we aim to start IUI/DI treatment as soon as possible.

X&Y Podcast - Solo Parents

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Sperm Donation

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