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Routes to Parenthood for Everyone

Many of our clients are same-sex couples who can achieve parenthood via low-tech insemination treatment with fully screened fertile donor sperm.

X&Y Fertility is increasingly sought out as the number 1 choice for the LGBTQ+ community due to our bespoke approach, putting you at the centre of our care. 


We don’t use fertility drugs, preferring a more natural way to conception.  


We help you to select the right donor and look at the best options for achieving parenthood.

Same sex couples

Exploring all options & investigations, including donor sperm & surrogacy.

Solo females

An icon of a solo female symbol representing fertility treatments and options for single women at a fertility clinic.

  • Access fully screened donor sperm

  • Wide variety of donors. 

  • Licensed donor insemination/IUI

An icon showing two female symbols, representing fertility treatments and options tailored for lesbian couples at a fertility

Same-sex female couples

Trans and Non biary


  • Fertility consultations

  • We ensure you are fully informed to make the best choices.

non-binary gender symbol
An icon of a solo male symbol representing fertility treatments and options for single men at a fertility clinic.
An icon of a male-male symbol representing same-sex male fertility treatments and donor insemination options

Solo males

Same-sex male couples

  • Semen analysis

  • Sperm storage 

  • Surrogacy advice


  • Sperm storage prior to gender reassignment

  • Preserve fertility for future use

Transgender symbol representing inclusivity and gender diversity at X&Y Fertility.

X&Y at Digital Pride

Sperm Donation

Considering sperm donation? See the British Sperm Bank website here 

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